Each January, the F&M Men’s soccer team comes together for our annual banquet. Please see excerpts from speeches given by our seniors.

Trevor Britton 16′

Topic: Seizing Opportunities

Quote:  “Those who are good embrace and succeed when opportunities are given. They are prepared for the next day, and the next game but they live in the present and they win in the present.”

Devon Malfitano 16′

Topic: Dealing with Adversity

Quote:  “Team before self means understanding that individually we are strong but collectively we can accomplish so much more.”

Chase TenBrook 16′

Topic: Creating a Winning Culture

Quote: “There are hundreds of experiences I have been part of.. but there is one topic I keep coming back to… that is culture. It is the idea of working towards something much greater than just playing soccer.. it is preparing student athletes, both mentally and physically, for the rigor of the real world.”

Vince Perry 16′

Topic: Servant Leadership

Quote: “I have never been a part of a team where servant leadership is actually valued. It is the heart and soul of this program and I can honestly say that what the team did out on the field this year would not have happened if it was not part of this culture


Dave Reingold 17′

Topic: Own your Situation 

Quote:  Through the guidance of the upper classmen and the coaching staff at the time, I was able to adjust my thought process and ensure that my presence would be felt whether I was on the field or not.”

Connor Pellas 17′

Topic: Grow through Patience 

Quote: I took a step back and said to myself this is the sport you love and would die for… I realized that being a part of this program isn’t gifted to you for four years, instead you have to fully invest yourself into it.

Jeremy Levine 17′

Topic: Creating a culture over time  

Quote:  “To the classes below us, I want you to be better than us. To want someone to be better than you goes against our competitive nature as athletes, but when you care about someone enough it happens. It does not happen at very many places but it is an absolute staple at this program, because we are all in it for something bigger than ourselves.”

Matt Reguero 17′

Topic: Caring and Family

Quote: “Coach Wagner has created a culture where everyone cares about each other. He teaches that we all contribute, and that our contribution may change over time, but each contribution is valued.”

Ben Wild 17′

Topic: Team before self

Quote: “My drive to work hard didn’t come from my desire to get into a game for more than ten minutes, rather it came from my desire to be on this team for another year, and share more experiences with the guys I had grown so close to. I wanted to experience success with these guys.”


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