Professional Development Program

What is the PDP?

Founded by Chis Walters 08′ and Aaron Jacobs 01′, The Professional Development Program (PDP) was created to provide career assistance to F&M Men’s Soccer players and is a subset of  The Office of Student and Post Graduate Development (OSPGD) at Franklin & Marshall College.

The PDP has been in full affect since 2012 and has resulted in an explosion of internship and job opportunities for our players. In fact, 100% of our class of 2013 & 2014  were employed upon graduation.

The PDP exists to:

  1. formalize a career advocacy network within the F&M men’s soccer community.
  2. aid in the career development of current F&M soccer players.
  3. help engage former F&M community members with the program.

The Program has evolved over the years. It started as a one to one mentoring program between current players and alumni. After 3 years of running the mentoring program, we felt the mentoring program was good but that it needed to evolve. It was working for some players but other alumni and mentors struggled to connect as they had little to talk about.

This created PDP 2.0. We have now done a painstaking alignment of our PDP program, OSPGD programing and the Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) mentoring program. The new PDP expands our internal small group program and includes our alumni structure. Please see the diagram for more.

PDP Structure External - New Page (1)

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